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Double-Door Auto Box Cars

In 1949 the SNR purchased an order of 600 steel AAR double-door cars intended for the increasing automobile and auto parts traffic coming off of the Stettinius & Erie.  These cars were given a special paint scheme to highlight the service, featuring black ends and roof, and the slogan in place of the roadname. 

500 of these went into the SNR series 25500-25999.  100 of them went to the Stettinius & Erie, in the same paint scheme, numbers 2500-2599.  The third box in the cut below is an S&E car.

As older automobile cars still fit for the service have been rebuilt, they also have been painted in the special "slogan" scheme.  

Auto cars may also see general merchandise duties, but not vice-versa. Older rebuilt cars taken out of auto service are repainted in the standard, solid red "roadname" scheme. 

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